11 octubre 2006

Acciones de crecimiento: Johnson Controls (JCI)

Johnson Controls, Inc. provides installed building control systems and technical and facility management services for the nonresidential buildings market worldwide.

Johnson Controls has a track record of 60 consecutive years of sales increases, 16 consecutive years of earnings increases and 31 consecutive years of dividend increases. JCI generates half of its sales from non-North American clients, it leads in several fast-growing markets, and it possesses technology innovations that can accelerate growth. Management clearly states that it has no problem forecasting double-digit growth over the next few years.

It's been a rough 2006 for JCI. The main culprit has been Ford. Problems at the automaker have discounted JCI's role as being a major supplier to the global auto industry, with the stock dropping from $90 to $70 in a little more than three months. Although the stock price has bounced back a bit to $75, Johnson Controls' management clearly has to do something to turn this negative perception around and recast it as a diversified growth play.

The company is presenting its strategy review and 2007 outlook to analysts today. Expect to hear more good things from Wall Street as analysts focus on the prospects for the global auto market (yes, it's No. 1 in China), integration of electronics into current auto production, hybrid batteries and integrated controls in non-automobile markets.

Cotiz EPS06 EPS07 Per06 Per07 Per0607 PEG Insiders Capitalizacion
JCI 80,87 5,22 5,99 15,49 13,5 14,43 1,19 ++ $15,800M

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