30 octubre 2006

Chesapeake to Reduce Gas Production (28-sept)

Utilizado en Chesapeake (CHK), im-presionante

Chesapeake Energy Corp. is reducing its daily natural gas production by 6 percent because prices for the fuel have tumbled to their lowest level in nearly four years.

"We do not take a static approach to this business," Tom Price Jr., Chesapeake's senior vice president of corporate development, said Wednesday.

"When gas prices are higher than we think is appropriate given supply and demand fundamentals, we hedge," he said. "When prices are below what we think is appropriate, we will shut in wells that are not otherwise protected. It's our business to maximize shareholder wealth creation."

Mi comentario: Es su cometido maximizar la creación de riqueza para el accionista... se le ha olvidado añadir que el máximo accionista es precisamente el CEO y fundador de la empresa, Aubrey McClendon.

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