02 noviembre 2006

¿Por qué sube la bolsa? ¡Es la liquidez, estúpido!

Since 2000 the money supply has grown 55 percent and it has grown by $764 billion in the last twelve months.

So, why did the Fed stop producing this number? The Fed announcement stated that the, "Board judged that the costs of collecting the underlying data and publishing M3 outweigh the benefits." But, why would the "cost" of producing anything be a concern for an agency that creates an additional $764 billion of debt in 12 months? This is like telling your spouse that you are going to make an additional $100 million in income next year, but that you've decided that the cost of paying a maid to clean your home appears to "outweigh the benefits.

Since the Federal Reserve has decided that it cannot justify the cost of producing this number, I have found it necessary to turn to others, like John Williams at Shadow Government Statistics, to stay abreast of the speed at which this "little" number is growing.

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