20 diciembre 2006

ConocoPhillips producing renewable diesel fuel

ConocoPhillips has started commercial production of renewable diesel fuel at the company's refinery in Cork, Ireland. The refinery is currently producing 1,000 barrels of the renewable fuel, which includes soybean and vegetable oils among its ingredients.

Houston-based ConocoPhillips said the renewable diesel meets European Union standards for diesel fuels. The fuel is produced using existing equipment at the refinery and is blended and transported with petroleum-based diesel, unlike biodiesel fuel. The process can also be used to convert animal fats and oils to renewable diesel fuel.

ConocoPhillips developed the production process and tested it at the Cork refinery last year. Soybean oil will be the primary renewable feedstock used, although the plant can also produce renewable diesel using rape seed oil and other vegetable oils.

"ConocoPhillips has developed an economical means of producing renewable diesel fuel that burns more cleanly than conventional diesel fuel and contributes to energy diversification," said Bob Hassler, ConocoPhillips' president of Europe refining, marketing and transportation. "Fuel source diversification will help meet the world's growing demand for energy."

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