14 junio 2007

Chesapeake trata de bloquear la construcción de térmicas de carbón en Texas

Chesapeake Energy and a coalition of consumer groups want the Oklahoma Supreme Court to stop state regulators from considering a proposed 950-megawatt coal-fired electrical plant.

It's the latest effort to stop a coal-fired plant by Oklahoma City-based Chesapeake, which is the nation's third-largest independent natural gas producer.

Chesapeake wants the Supreme Court to block pre-approval hearings on the plant that the state Corporation Commission has scheduled for tomorrow.

The company was part of a coalition that bought more than one million dollars in newspaper advertising earlier this year to question plans for coal-fired plants in Texas.

The Public Service Company of Oklahoma would own half of the proposed Oklahoma plant, while Oklahoma Gas and Electric would operate the facility and own 42%. The Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority would own the remaining eight percent.

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